Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Mayhem's "Full Powers"

Yesterday, Nat left the following comment:

Be sure to keep us updated as Baby Mayhem fully grows into her powers!

I present my vision of what Baby Mayhem's full powers may look like:

I also think the baby sitter accurately reflects the state of mind of the first time parent of a newborn, where Jack Jack's tricks are actually random spewings from all orifices. Also, the scene where the baby sitter gladly gives the baby to Syndrome - the person who comes to get the baby - is actually a good representation of me when my mother showed up to help (I, of course, was the baby sitter).

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Nat Blair said...

Hah, that's funny, and true!

I have to warn you though that for the first year, as you start to get comfortable with your baby's schedule and needs, they'll go and change it up on you. At least our first one did.

The best adjective I have for being a parent(especially of <_3 yrs): RELENTLESS.

It does get easier though!