Thursday, December 18, 2008

My own personal Christmas Carol

I thought I would have a good bit of time this week to get into the blogging groove before shutting down for the winter solstice, but the funding gods have laughed at me, so here I am working feverishly on two different proposals for the January NSF deadline. One of the proposals is important for my research future. The other, just rejected, proposal is critical for my research present. All I need is another proposal important to my research past, and I'll have my own personal Ebenezer Scrooge proposal trifecta. There are other ways I would love to spend my break than writing two proposals at once and I have been understandably grumpy this week. But, the posts by DrugMonkey and JuniorProf yesterday reminded me that I am lucky to have a job this holiday season which I am (to the best of my knowledge) not in imminent danger of losing. Perhaps I should see this not as a burden, but as a Xmas gift from NSF. Afterall, during the Xmas season with its whirlwind of family and socializing, we all need a little time for quiet reflection - I just get to do mine with a couple of my close, personal proposals!

Well, enough lollygagging. I have a show to run here (or at least write about running!). When I run into another writing block, I'll compile the department seminar statistics that you were all kind enough to send me and post them.

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