Thursday, August 28, 2008

Professor Chaos receives weird angel-thingy

After spending the morning dealing with Dr. Crapweasel, I decided that I needed a little break before being let loose in the lab this afternoon. While responding to some comments on my blog, I realized that I had not "opened" a missive from DrDrA. Imagine my surprise when I found that I had won this:


I am not sure, but allow me now to express my...gratitude.

I would like to thank all 12 of my readers (who else can brag that 8.3% of their readers nominated them for an award? Huh, that didn't sound nearly as impressive as it did in my head).  Thank you for allowing me to express my inner feelings about the sometimes bizarre things that I experience in this crazy thing we call academia. I especially thank you all for your comments, advice, tough love (yes, I'm looking at you PhysioProf), support (I got a real kick out of seeing me quoted on DrugMonkey...I was so excited I wanted to call my mom, but that would require me to tell her I have a blog and after my comment about the existence of Chuckie Cheese preventing her from drowning me as a child, I don't know how I feel about her reading this) and discussion (one of my highlights was seeing that my post on snowflakes, waifs, and calculators had inspired DamnGoodTechnician and Janeb to write their own posts on the topic). Without all of you, none of this would be possible, or at least I would just be talking to myself, which is more boring and I do all the time anyway!

I would nominate someone, but I think all my usual haunts have already received this...illustrious...award. Oh, wait apparently Nat hasn't accepted his award yet and since he's ignoring all the other memes I've sent his way (okay, so there was only 1 other, but poetically the plural sounded better), I'll add this one to the pile!

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