Friday, November 28, 2008

5 things meme

So, I'm catching up on the blogosphere after my extended absence and realized I had not fulfilled my taggee obligations. Besides, it's a good way to get my blogging muscles warmed up!

5 Things I was Doing 10 years Ago:
(1)  Wondering if I was ever going to finish my Ph.D
(2) Feeling bad about myself because I had dated the wrong boy and it had gone badly - like keying his car badly (not that I would ever do that!...At least I don't think I did, but I was pretty drunk and very angry)
(3) Finishing up a research assistantship that still influences my research
(4) Going a little wild and going out dancing 3-4 nights a week (see #2 for motivations)
(5) Having an important discussion with my advisor about whether I should go into academia or some other scientific career path.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:
(1) Work on an NSF proposal
(2) Wonder why I'm working on a proposal when funding rates are now less than 8%
(3) Trying not to vomit when I think about possibly ruining my Xmas break working on a proposal that will be sent to a panel with a less than 8% funding rate
(4) Buying yarn for my new knitting project 
(5) Dreaming about funding my research through the sale of my knitting projects

5 Snacks I Love:
(1) Cereal (comfort food since grad school when I frankly lived on the stuff)
(2) trail mix (especially with little or no peanuts and lots of dried fruit)
(3) manchego cheese (ummm, the king of cheese)
(4) Chocolate (nice chocolate not that fake Hershey crap) 
(5)  anything bought at an outdoor market in France

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
(1) fund the Kiss My Ass Center for Ecology (only scientific rebels need apply)
(2) put aside some money for my parents
(3) buy lots and lots of girly bath accoutrements (I am not generally described as "girly" by those who know me but I have a gigantic weakness for bath salts, bubble baths, and other soaking in a bath materials 
(4) Refurbish my bathroom to be a shrine to hot baths
(5) Buy General Disarray a lifetime supply of fancy shaving lathers (he has sensitive skin that seems to sense the difference between cheap and expensive products)

5 Places I've Lived:
(1) In an apartment where I compulsively drew on the walls (I'll let you decide how old I was)
(2) In a 1 bedroom "house" with electrical problems, often broken heater, and a "chop shop" across the street
(3) In a two-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood where about once a year a drunk driver would ram a car into something 
(4) In a dorm on a party campus learning to hate drunk boys with a fascination for pulling fire alarms at 2 am 
(5) In a state with one of the highest percentages of Hispanics, which taught me an appreciation for other cultures and traditions.

5 Jobs I've Had:
(1) Scientist
(2) Library assistant (I put books back on shelves)
(3) Front office secretary (be nice to the person who sits in your main office answering the phone and putting mail in your mailbox - it's a crappy job)
(4) Maintained insect cultures in research lab
(5) Lecturer

There it is, everything you never really wanted to know about me!


Comrade PhysioProf said...

HAHAHAH! You keyed a dude's car! I love you, River Tam!

Tell your current dude to shave with Clarin's Gentle Foaming Cleanser For Dry Or Sensitive Skin (*not* For All Skin Types). That shit gives the most luxurious smooth shave. It's better than any supposed shaving cream or lotion.

Anonymous said...

Dear River Tam,I would love to work at your centre for Kiss My Ass Ecology. That sounds hugely fun and much better than where I work now. And some interesting choice about which pants to wear for work. . .

Odyssey said...

River Tam,
NSF funding levels may be low, but they're still giving out some money. May as well be to you.

Write in some kick-ass Broader Impacts. That will put you above most young investigators applying to the NSF. Believe the GPG - the Broader Impacts are very, very important.

Phagenista said...

Sadly, the knitting intrigued me even more than the hypothetical car-keying... River, do you knit during seminars? I've recently started up again (after 1.5 years in this postdoc, and a job offer successfully obtained), and there were a few raised eyebrows. At one of my previous institutions, I was far from the only seminar knitter, and one of my grad student friends designed the double helix knitting pattern.